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Titan, Percheron stallion at Chateau du Perron 2011 © Louise Taylor

We’re off to Paris at the end of the week to hang In Vino Veritas, a Wideyed exhibition at Mois de la Photo-OFF.

So, here’s a pic from the residency at Chateau du Perron that didn’t make the edit. Francois Blanchards Percheron stallion Titan was bought with the intention of using horse power in its original form to manage the vineyards.

The Percheron is a draft horse originating in a small district of La Perche in Northern France. Since the Percheron Horse Society of France was founded in 1883, to safeguard the breeding of pure stock they have been exported all around the world. They were originally bred as war horses and later used for agriculture before an increase in farm mechanisation forced numbers to dwindle.