Lindowan Z24

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Lindowan Z24 aka Baby © Louise Taylor

Homebred Bluefaced Leicester ewe Lindowan Z24 is known to Lindsay Carter and his family as Baby. Born in 2007, Baby was unbeaten in the showring in 36 outings before retiring at the end of the 2011 season.

Bluefaced Leicester sheep should have a broad muzzle, good mouth and a tendency towards a roman nose, bright alert eyes and long erect ears. The colour of the head should be dark blue showing through white hair; although a little brown is acceptable. There should be a good length of neck laid into broad shoulders with a good spring of rib and a long strong back with no weakness behind the shoulder. The hindquarters should be broad and deep, the legs well positioned and strong boned. It is important that the wool be tightly purled, fine and open cleanly to the skin.